About Me

This Season:

For the 2016 season Phil will remain in the BSB Supersport Championship, the Evo class and main supersport classes are now combined meaning everyone within the class has to run to the same engine requirements. Phil will also be sticking to the same bike (Triumph 675R) and completing some testing throughout Spain in Calafat, Valencia and Aragon throughout February and March. He will also complete three official track days with BSB pre-season. The season will commence in April competing twelve times at eight circuits around the UK and Assen. Phil will also be running a Sweedish rider called Alex Persson within this class who has jumped up from the Motostar class for the 2016 season with the hope to receive some more track time throughout each race weekend and some experience coaching from Phil himself.

The History of Phils Racing:

Phil started racing in school boy motocross from the early age of nine and continued riding in this class until 2001 where the sport was unfortunately forced to a halt due to the foot and mouth outbreak.

It was at this point that Phil decided to continue to race but moved into Track Racing in the Mini Moto Class, where he started to show some potential, finishing 2nd in the UK Mini Moto Championship and winning the North of England Championship on two different bikes which made him young rider of the year. Shortly after this it became apparent that size was becoming an issue and he was just old enough to be able to ride a 125cc bike. The Aprilia Super Teen was his bike of choice and he used this to gather experience to race a 125 cc bike.

The year after Phil raced in the New Era Club Championship on a Honda RS125 where he performed amazingly in the first year, winning races at tracks such as Cadwell Park and Brands Hatch.

His next step in the following year, was then to the British Championship to compete in the 125cc Class, where he finished 4th in the ACU Academy Cup. He continued to compete in the British Superbike Championship series, moving on from the 125cc Class into the Superstock 600 Class in 2013, where he continued to challenge for the title the following year (2014) after he had become familiar with the bike and the class.

The Stock 600 Class proved to be a constant fighting battle which made this class even more exciting and introduced new challenges at each round throughout the season. This made it especially exciting for Phil as a racer as well as the spectators and sponsors.

In 2015  Phil decided to move up a class to compete in the Motorpoint British Supersport Evo Class as age was now at its limit to the Stock 600 class. With this newly introduced class it allowed Phil to race with some more experienced riders however in a slightly lower class combined with a higher class. Phil started the season racing on a Yamaha R6 and made some steady progress throughout the first half of the season, around halfway through the season Phil decided he had a change of heart and wanted to change his bike to a Triumph 675R, after this change his results managed to creep up that little bit more which puts Phil in ready good form for the start of the 2016 season.

Where did it all come from?

Phil has always used his own knowledge and background in racing, handed down to him from his father, to maintain and race prepare my own bikes. Whilst this keeps costs to a minimum, Phil is always striving to improve his machinery to put him at the front. It is for this reason that he looks for support and partnership from sponsors/partners.

Do you love motorbikes and want to see them on track?

PW Racing is family run and weekends can be fun and exhilarating. As a sponsor/partner you would be welcome to come along and be a part of this, to be at the ‘sharp end’ of British Racing, either spectating or rolling your sleeves up!
If you would like to discuss these possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact Phil on –

Email Address – pwracing@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone – +44 (0) 7716 454423